Dating “artifact”

Do you feel flustered when you are lying at home dirty and suddenly receive a date call from a friend or boyfriend ? At this time, you may have to put on beautiful clothes and make-up exquisite first, but in the end you find that you still have dry, smelly hair. That’s too bad. Clothes and cosmetics are wasted. But please rest assured, because we have a dating artifact that can help you solve your hair problems immediately—hair care capsules.


This hair care soft capsule is composed of plant essential oils, multiple vitamins, various nutrients, fragrance, and gelatin.

This hair care capsule is very convenient to use. Just take out one of the small tails and twist them out, squeeze out the essential oil on the palm, and then apply the essential oil on the hair, the hair will become smooth, shiny and scented.


Moreover, the hair care capsules are also very convenient to carry. The small figure is placed directly in the bag and does not take up any space. Can be used at any time.


Are you really not using such a cool dating artifact?