The difference between ceramide and nicotinamide

The biggest difference between nicotinamide and ceramide is whether the human body can synthesize it autonomously.

A derivative of vitamin B3
It tends to regulate skin color and promote the loss of melanin-containing keratinocytes.

Substances synthesized by the human body
It prefers to hydrate and repair the skin barrier, and is more suitable for people with damaged skin.

The roles of the two are different.

The main function of ceramide is moisturizing,
Niacinamide is whitening and moisturizing.
Therefore, in essence, the two are not the same substance.

1. The role of nicotinamide and ceramide


In addition to moisturizing effect,
It also has anti-allergic and anti-aging effects.
It is a skin care barrier for the skin.
Can thicken the stratum corneum and improve the skin’s ability to hold water,
Thereby reducing wrinkles and increasing skin elasticity,
Delays skin aging.


In addition to whitening,
It can also accelerate skin metabolism,
Promotes the shedding of keratinocytes containing melanin,
Can act on the melanin that has been produced,
Make them transfer like epidermal cells.
It can also promote the synthesis of epidermal proteins and improve the texture of the skin.
Because nicotinamide has anti-aging effects,
So for some fairies who have younger skin
Niacinamide may be a bit too much, so this group of people appropriately reduce the use of nicotinamide.

2. Niacinamide and ceramide can be used together
There is no direct conflict between the two,
And they are more skin-friendly,
Used together can have better skin care effects,
Therefore, these two ingredients can be used with confidence.
It can repair the skin barrier, moisturize and anti-aging and whitening basic care. Niacinamide favors the adjustment of skin tone and snow skin effect, and is more suitable for oily skin. Those who have external oil and dry skin should use it with moisturizing products.

Niacinamide is a versatile beauty ingredient,
This versatile ingredient can whiten,
Anti-aging, repair barrier, moisturize and control oil pores.
But some people are not easy to establish tolerance,
Such skin can be tried step by step,
Apply at low concentration for two or three days,
After adaptation, gradually adjust to a high concentration.
When using nicotinamide products,
Try not to use it with acidic products, such as acid, salicylic acid, etc.
At low pH, nicotinamide will become more niacin,
Niacin is much more irritating to the skin than niacinamide,
Ceramide is biased towards moisturizing and repairing skin barrier,
It is more suitable for people with damaged skin and dehydrated skin!